What to Expect

Where to Park

We meet on the North Side of the Building in the Gym. So the best place to park is off Academy Rd. or the on Westside right off Moon St. Regardless of where you park, it isn’t a far walk to our meeting space.

What to wear

We really don’t care as long as you are dressed in something. Most people come casual.

What about kids

We have a nursery for 3 years on down. 4+ years are in the first part of the service which is primarily music. About halfway through during our “Community Life” time, you have option to send them for a teaching and activity time. For more details go to Kids Ministry Page.

What our gatherings are like

Our weekly gatherings consist of a laid-back liturgy. Liturgy has some religious undertones, but that’s okay. It simply means we express the different aspects of human life lived before a God who is love. This involves awe, honesty, learning, and humility. This takes the form of music, silence, poetic prayers, Biblical teaching, and the ancient act of communion (think bread + grape juice). This is mixed together with a twist of obscure cultural references and occasional irreverent humor.

Here is what you can expect from our leadership

A Listening Ear
We want to hear from you. We want to get to know you, and we want you to feel welcome, whoever you are, wherever you come from, wherever you’ve been. If you are just exploring what it means to have faith in Christ, this is safe place for you to do that. Seriously no judgement.
We care about you. We know that everyone is broken and everyone needs God. We believe Jesus is the answer for humanity, to find peace with God. Let’s learn together about what it means to be a Jesus like community.
We believe that Jesus is good news for people, everyone, no exceptions. We also believe that good news effects the way we think and act. We seek to challenge each other to live for something greater than themselves, namely glory of God.