Kids Ministry!

Cloud and Bridge values you and your children. Kids have a way of noticing God in the little things that we tend to look past as adults. They ask profound and quirky questions about life, especially about God. Their trust has not been tainted by cynicism yet. And they appreciate the simple beauty of Jesus. There is this fantastic scene with Jesus that goes like this:

One day children were brought to Jesus in the hope that he would lay hands on them and pray over them. The disciples shooed them off. But Jesus intervened: “Let the children alone, don’t prevent them from coming to me. God’s kingdom is made up of people like these.” After laying hands on them, he left.

Matthew 19:13-15; The Message

We can learn from them and that is why it is important that they are part of our community, and hopefully we can teach them a thing or two as well. So here are some options for your kids:

1-3 Years Old

We have a nursery provided for you. All our nursery workers have received background checks and training, and on top of that they are passionate about taking care of your little ones. Depending on their age we have different games and activities for them. You can check them into the nursery in the north foyer (by the Gym off Academy) anytime, starting 10 minutes before the service.

4 Years Old and Up

We felt the need to reimagine what children's ministry could be. There was a pull between two options:

1) Create a whole children's program that was completely separate from an adults only service. This would give parents space to relax and have a meaningful time.

---- OR ----

2) Have children join us in the service. The children would feel valued as part of our community and they can see adults model life lived with God and others.

Neither of these felt satisfying so we decided to innovate a way that seamlessly combines the strengths of both options, and it has been a hit.
The kids will join us for the music portion of our gathering. We sit around round tables which create a family friendly environment.
During the halfway part of the service, which we call "Community Life," we will pray for them and send them to the back of our meeting space where we created a place just for them. We affectionately call this area the "Fungeon". Here they will receive a short age-appropriate lesson and an activity. This all happens during the adult sermon time. To clarify, your children remain within view of the service, in the care of loving volunteers. Feel free (but not obligated) to join your kids in this area as you can still hear and see the sermon.


The above are options we desire to give parents. If a parent would like to keep their children with them at all time, we fully support that.
Furthermore, we want to help families grow spiritually in Christ together. To do this we offer Bible-based activities and lessons that you can utilize during your week. You can pick these up anytime.

Middle School and High School

Late Nite is our exciting Middle School and High School ministry every Wednesday at 6 - 8 PM. We have students from both our Saturday Night Cloud and Bridge service and our Heights Sunday Morning service.
The first half of the time they meet in Adult led small groups based around grade, age, and gender. This fosters healthy friendships in the lives of our students during a time they need it the most.
The second half is a gathering of all the students filled with games, music, and teaching.

If you have any questions, you can contact Gene Dekeno, our Youth and Family Minister at